12 Rules to Life

1. Past has passed – let it go

2. Love yourself, love thy neighbour, love thy foe

3. Judgements are for ones who have too much time on their hands

4. Anger is for those who can’t see beyond themselves

5. Regrets are futile; take the learning’s and move forward

6. Worrying and procrastination will only create more problems, let it go.

7. Blaming yourself or others is using up wasted energy

8. Guilt is a ruin of any human being, let it go and let is pass

9. Fear can grasp you so tight; imagine if you didn’t allow it to even enter your life? How easy it would be to action those tasks

10. Share what you have and give freely; the pleasure is more than immense

11. Try it once, who knows you could even love it!

12. Be happy, smile and smile with others

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