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In one of my last blog entries, I discussed secondary processes and how they are unnatural and it is over time that the behavioural process becomes natural. This week, I have been feeling very positive was the longer run than normal, is it the schooling pattern is being developed or is it just adaption to change. How we operate works very much depends on whether we are positive or negative in our thinking and actions. During these times of great uncertainty with a virus that is not just attacking our bodies but moreover our minds. It is even more important to create a stronger mind and body because when our mind, body and spirit is resilient than no virus can attack us; even if they wished.

Here are a few coaching exercises for you to try:

The use of visualisation:

1. You can visualise your surroundings to be how you wish, this will help if you live in a smaller space

2. Close your eyes and think about a place or time that made you feel happy

3. Visualise yourself feeling connected to Earth as an animal or plant

4. Feeling to anxious, visualise a protective bubble or a ring that helps you feel less stressed

The use of writing or art:

· Write / draw about your thoughts – keep a diary – this will help you let them out

· Think about the problem – write out your options and then someone else options. Then throw away the other options and keeping yours

· Write down positive and negative thoughts – one per page and then throw away the negative page of thoughts

· Draw or paint a picture of how you are feeling

This vs That:

Communication is very important between family members, especially parents and children.

1. Identify the positives and highlight them

2. What makes them positives and why should they be highlighted?

3. Are there any negative behaviours and how have they been identified?

4. What is the reason you do not like to see the negative behaviours

5. Have there been any big changes that your child has carried out or any milestones they have accomplished?

6. How can you improve as a caregiver or parent?

7. Ask for feedback from the child/ren and provide feedback to the children

8. What makes you a great caregiver or parent?

9. Celebrate your achievements as a caregiver or parent

I hope a few of these exercises will be useful to you. I would love to hear your feedback and look at how I can adapt my entries with you in mind.

All my love, Mary xxx

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