Behaviour breeds Behaviour

I read a very interesting quote today about how we are not stuck. We have committed to a certain behaviour, which may have been helpful previously but not anymore. There are certain behaviours adopted that can be more harmful than even helpful. If we want to move forward than it is in our best interests to adopt behaviour that will allow us to change the formula to create a new level in our life. It is only when adapt and change the formula will you find that new pathways have opened up to you.

To create a new formula is easier than you can imagine. Our brain likes rules, patterns and organisation. Your brain is a machine and can work much more effectively than you think but you have to provide the resources for this to happen. An organised mind creates a more powerful vehicle that will allow you to become a happier person overall giving you increased self-love. When we are in love with ourselves then we are able to succeed in all of the duties we need to uphold and we will be able to fulfil the goals we wish to achieve.

Here are some simple ways you can train your brain into producing at an increased output.

1. It is important to set daily goals and to write them down

2. Feed your body on healthy nutritious food

3. Carry out small tasks immediately as anything less than two minutes can be carried out there and then

4. Mono-task meaning concentrate on one task at a time until conclusion

5. Your brain can work at peak levels where deep work can be carried out. Set aside time per day to carry this out

6. Recognise and be in-tune with your body mechanisms to allow it to fully function

7. Make sure you compartmentalise your time to ensure maximum productivity can occur during those periods

8. Drink caffeine as it allows your brain to function in higher capacity

9. Maintain relationships that are positive and cull away ones that are toxic to you

Did you know that when we become more organised that our brains become more positive? When we feel happier, we attract people to us, tasks become easier to complete and even fulfilling our goals become accomplishable. However, when you are unorganised the brain feels much more cluttered and you start to feel more depressed. It is best to create logical thinking for your brain as this will also assist in productivity levels and working on complicate tasks.

Good things can only come out of organising the mind to create increased output in the desired manner we require. For each us of this is very different; goal setters can be carried out from being the most focussed. By being focussed we need to exclude distractions and concentrate fully at the tasks at hand. It is of course imperative to take breaks regularly to ensure productivity continues to the maximum.

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