Day 1 - Lockdown

Life is unprecedented and you do not know what will happen next. Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has come to London and exceptional measures have taken place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the population. This is a challenging time! It is an exceptional time. A time that will be marked in history and time that will change our lives forever.

From Monday, the schools had closed and I have begun home schooling my daughter aged 7 in year 3 and my son aged 6 in year 2. They have been excited about the school timetable and we met to discuss any amendments required. Our family discussion meant that we not just talking about school curriculum but we were becoming united by taking their opinions into account and we are all being heard; as their little opinions count.

My thoughts and feelings about the new structure in my life meant that initially I was a little on edge. There were work tasks that had come in and the children were calling me nearly every five minutes. I had to brainstorm with my son how to work out some Maths on a clock but I had no time to prepare or plan for this. These are moments that cannot be taken away and we take for granted. Fortunately, we can revel in the moment now, whilst we are under lockdown and our lives have become simplified.

I have noticed that since my life has become simplified, I am taking so much pleasure in the little things. I am concentrating on my body and ensuring I stay healthy and fit by carrying out workout videos, hoovering the house even more, moving around furniture, re-inventing the space I live in, trying to achieve goals from home (as those have not changed), relaxing a little bit more knowing that I have to adjust my mindset to get through this tough time. I have proactively contacting my friends to check on their wellbeing for not everyone takes to change like I do. The children and I are video chatting with friends rather than calling them. Sometimes, with group video call with Zoom and other times just quick messages on the phone. I have seen people rally together and try to help the needy and neighbourhoods trying to work with one another during these times of peril.

What I have been annoyed about. Anger is the emotion I felt the most!

· Empty supermarket aisles

· Disappointment in people who really looked like they needed food

· Young children not understanding what is going on

· Constant barrage of updates from government and media about Covid-19 – all v useful

· Hiked up prices on meat by smaller grocery shops

My goals over the next few weeks:

· Be patient – it is difficult time for us all

· Wake up early before 06:00 am – attack my goals

· Fit in exercise during the morning and not sporadically through the day

· Pray and gratitude for what I have

· Be loving with the children – now is the time to cherish them

· Accept the emotions I feel and let them go

· Continue to socialise online with friends and family via video call

· Try out new cooking recipes and bake some bread

· Take the online coaching qualifications that I have signed up too

· Carry out arts and crafts with the children

· Be understanding and empathetic

· Proactively reach out and try to help others

· Carry out video entries and publish to the world

· Mentor other budding coaches in training

It is up to us on how we handle difficult situations, challenges and unprecedented events in time. I hope to bring you many more diary entries on how I am tackling and moving forward, whilst we are facing an exceptional time in our life.

Keep on trying. Keep on smiling. If you need to cry – let it out. If you need to laugh – laugh a lot. We can only come out of this stronger if we allow ourselves too.

My love and blessings to you all,

Love Mary xxx

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