Did You Know That ...

There are days when my mind is running away from me!

My heart is burdened with negativity,

I feel angry at others and myself,

I can’t concentrate because there is too much to do,

Claustrophobia, panic and even over eating has set in,

Negativity has set in,

It’s official my mind is going to explode!

Life is frantic with too many tasks to carry out. I have taken to meditation and hypnosis when my health was truly quite poor. It helped me feel calm and closer to God, when my body and when I felt life was falling apart around me. I’ve heard of meditation and stage hypnosis but I did not think that they would assist me in my life when I needed some strength and courage to keeping moving on.

My heart was heavy and my life felt like it had dramatically changed without my permission. Stress causes pain in various parts of your body like your throat, shoulder and then impact on your sex drive, appetite and language used. Stressful is deadly and can kill you.

Did you know that twenty minutes of meditation per day within a few weeks you will start noticing the difference of less stress, less anxiety, increase in positivity, relationships and a calmer perspective of the inner and outside world?

Did you know that meditation is FREE? By using meditation techniques you and your family can gain control of your life because you will realise that you do not want to live that life anymore.

Did you know that your self-esteem will improve through simple breathing techniques that can be carried out anywhere?

Did you know that you will express emotions of kindness, gratitude, abundance, love and sensitivity as you have changed your perspective of your inner and outer world around you?

Did you know that your brain is calling you to meditate so that you can reduce memory loss, improve brain functionality, reduces your heart rate, and assists with illnesses and general aspects of the health?

Did you know that your sex life will increase with an improved sex drive, you will be more relaxed, your mind will be less distracted, and there will be an increase of mirror neuron functioning in your brain creating far more orgasmic experience for you both?

Did you know that your social skills will improve as you will be present more, listen, feelings of happiness, well-being, sensitive and reduced hostility and conflict towards others?

Did you know that children need meditation even more and mindfulness is taught at school so that little individuals becomes less stressed as there is so much for them to take in.

LIFE can only get better if you listen to your body, your heart and allow your soul to be free!





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