Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Communication should be easier in this day and age; as we are surrounding by so many different methods to communicate. We have social media site like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, What's App, Boomerang and so much more! You would think as the tools are available then we should all be on the same wave length, right?!


People use busy lives as an excuse to not communicate with one another! We all know that none of us can mind read the other person but we still use it an excuse to do so!

Here 7 tips in how to communicate with one another:

- Be clear in the message you are conveying and avoid ambiguity

- Be considerate to one another and show emotions (none of us are robots!)

- Stop and listen to what the other person has to say

- Respect them and respect yourself

- Be grateful and appreciate one another

- Accept them as they are

- Compromise and show trust in one another

Relationships work very much like businesses. If you do not give it the commitment, dedication and love it deserves; then neither of you are fully intrinsically in it to make it work! It is also important to understand that intimacy, love, sex, hurt, pain, tears, anger, happiness and so many other emotions are required to be shown throughout to make it work!

Remember, behind a word or sentence, there is a meaning much deeper than you may initially hear. But pay attention and you will realise that the language used or the body language conveyed is communicating another message and this requires attention right now!

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