Feeling Anxious

I am anxious but don’t have time to do anything about it.

I am anxious but it’s normal.

I am anxious but its just a period of business in my life.

I am anxious but if it I wasn’t then it would mean that I am not working hard enough.

I often hear people normalising stress and anxiety like it this is something that will just pass. If we are so happy to invest in expensive cars, home goods and clothes; then why can we not invest in ourselves more? It truly shakes me to the core when I hear that still so many people are happy ignoring their unhappiness and really they require a helping hand to be able to view the sings. We do live in a stressful world but that does not mean we need to embody that.

From my recent ongoing acrimonious divorce where I had been living in a hostile environment with police body cameras worn by ex-husband and his parents. I finally took the decision to exit that environment for the sake of my children and my sanity. There are certain environments that we know are toxic and it is up to us to create our own flight plan. This took more guts than imaginable but with the support of amazing friends and perhaps even a team of people that story has now ended.

I have since then been working with individuals to assist with helping with their self-esteem, understanding their anxieties, assisting with their limiting beliefs and allowing them to take back control of their lives. It truly pains me to hear others talk about the actions in life that are demotivating them and hurting them so much that are cannot see any other avenues available. I know what it feels to be so alone that you do not know when you can speak out but I hope with my help you can do so now. I hope that sharing some of my painful memories will help you tackle yours.

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