Heeding to expectations or to your heart

To truly listen to your heart,

Is an art form,

To quieten the heart beat to a gentle patter,

Requires patience and serenity,

To create calm,

The chaos requires to be removed,

Calm the beating heart,

But don’t let the beating heart stop before it’s too late!

We are often caught in an emotional battle where we can speak freely about what we really feel. Often, when we do so; we can get it all wrong and the words are all just mixed up. It is difficult to push back and say no to others, when you might be constantly wanting to help others. The expectations we hold are too high and problematic; as this means when we achieve anything it is never sufficiently enough.

There has been many topics that I have wanted to discuss but what has resonated the most is the increased expectations around us and how we are not listening to our hearts as much as we could. It is understandable that we are not living in a fairy tale world but often we over push ourselves that we are unable to maximise the time, poor processes in place and inefficient systems. It is difficult to under this, when you have probably not looked at this for a long time. For some, it maybe after a relationship has broken down or a change in the financial situation.

My question to you is what will you wait for before you are able to empathically listen to your heart and most of all your gut? For many being under lockdown has meant a re-assessment of life to create harmony, resilience and agility. This has been a time to develop your mind and to be able utilise brain to function at a higher state; as it is being pushed higher or in different ways than normal. The importance to stretch the brain, or better still known as brain plasticity, where the brain continues to expand even after known maturity. The ability for your brain to re-wire itself or modify it’s connections. This means that if the brain faces any adversity it is allowing itself to re-connect the broken ties.

This is why it is even more important to listen to your gut, create an active body and listen to what your heart is saying. To stay resilient we must inherently listen, actively understand what is helping us, hindering or what can we do; to better combat any emotions that could also be weighing us down. There are methods like mindfulness, meditation, decluttering your home, deleting some old unwanted contacts, creating a system will all help you achieve a stronger, more resilient you. If you can create space, time and less frustrated or wasted emotions; to then utilise the increased brain power; then what are you waiting for?

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