I don't like Bullies!

We are facing difficult times and for once more people want to be heard and with one voice. If this is the case, then how we come across and what stand for really matters.

The lockdown has introduced me to vulnerable people who are being mentally and even physically abused. This has meant that they require a voice and not are always heard or they are lost in the system. It is heart breaking to see this but there are too many weak people who will abuse their status, their role in their family and then it is always the one with lesser fortunes or more responsibilities that will have to succumb.

I have never liked a bully. The bullies can be right in your face and physical and the others who are more devious that they do not want to get their hands dirty. Are those even worse? Those ones who will go out of their way to be passive aggressive? Those who take enjoyment in making you feel small. Yes, you know who those people are – we all know someone but cannot believe that they are really like that. How do serial killers become that? The mind of serial killer is truly about the game, the excitement, the attention and the execution. Oh, it is a carefully planned out affair and this is not for a simple Joe or for the faint hearted.

Here is a message to those bullies out there. Bullies get found out eventually. If you really lacked that much love in your life; then seek the assistance you require to feel that void. If you cannot do that eventually you will get what you deserve. It might not be today, or tomorrow but you cannot hurt good people forever. It is time to let go. The world is in crisis. A pandemic has set us alight and we have bigger things to deal with.

It is time to unite,

To come together,

To request help,

To ask for forgiveness,

To give love,

To receive love.

With love, Mary xxx

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