If I Was To Tell You The Truth

If was to tell you the truth,

You would not believe me,

If I was to tell you the truth,

Would you hear what I had to say?

If I was to tell you the truth,

I will begin crying,

My lies would no longer exist,

The truth of how I feel would be out there,

My heart would be laid bare,

I would allow you into my world,

Of hope and despair,

The pain and isolation I have felt,

The feeling of belonging no where,

If I was to tell you the truth,

I am my father’s child,

My mother she didn’t seem to care,

My father loved me so much,

My tears of despair ran wild,

The blackness disappeared,

My mother didn’t understand,

It’s not that she didn’t care,

She wanted to feel like I do now,

But she had no clue how to get there,

My heart was broken,

My will stamped upon,

I have wanted to give up,

But somehow the light re-appeared,

To make my sorrow disappear,

The hope we feel,

The love we are surrounded in,

The affirmation of love felt from the Above,

Will make you want more,

To stop the numbness and turn to the light,

The darkness is not to consume you,

Turn to the light,

Your anxieties and self-doubt can be heard,

Allow yourself the love you deserve,

The words of bitterness and jealousy are only that,

Emancipate yourself from the other’s rage,

It’s all consuming,

It’s not worth the darkness,

Fill yourself in the presence of the light,

I am but only on a journey,

Footsteps to be taken into the light,

I have felt the pain, anguish, despair and disappointment,

But now I believe in myself,

Self-doubt has disappeared,

I only feel the love for myself,

For my children and the importance they play in my life,

Protect and cherish the ones you love,

Believe in yourself,

If you are right the journey will be harder,

But worth it so much more in the end,

Take a chance on yourself,

You are your own best bet in life,

Fill your heart with love not anger,

And allow it to spread.

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