London in Lockdown – Day 2 & 3

· Perseverance

· Patience

· Persistence

Pushing our boundaries one step at a time

It is official we are under lockdown in London. I have not had the energy or desire to leave my home and even the children have felt the same. The air is of uncertainty is felt by us all but we are still comfortable to move forward with our daily tasks.

What did day 2 bring us that I was not prepared for?

The excited about the school routine and Maths but every 5 minutes they wanted to speak to me. I had a few video calls; so by early morning I was feeling a little all over the place. By lunch time the children wanted to go outside and they were truly bouncing off the walls. This was not expected on so early on in the day but they wake at 06:00 daily; and without social interaction and daily trips outside they are truly bouncing around the house.

What I took from day 2 was maintaining structure was very important.

· It was important to mange my expectations and keeping on top of TV, activities and staying calm kept us all happy.

· All children require boundaries but also they need to feel included, so the daily update and feedback meetings were beneficial to them in feel part of the learning journey; when home schooled.

· We found out what our weaknesses were and that was afternoons but one afternoon they were filled with cleaning the downstairs and this gave them a sense of pride.

· There was a bit too much TV in the afternoon by one child and too much history watched by another

By day 3, we all a little more relaxed but the early mornings were not disappearing. So, I began the day that slight bit earlier to incorporate this. Also, today we spent thirty minutes in bed all of us together; the kids chattered and I just listened and for once I lay next to my daughter and not my son. We bonded in a simple fashion and as we were bonding and I was learning new things about the children. It seems that when you are locked indoors, everyone seems to want to eat more and generally the tendency is towards junk! The healthy lunch I provided was just not enjoyed enough as the afternoon snack of pizza before the swap over to the father’s was carried out.

There was a good amount of education this morning but again mainly on English and Maths. This meant that subjects like art, Science and Geography have not been incorporated much into the curriculum. However, both children are one level above on Maths and both spent more than thirty minutes reading a book. The remainder of the afternoon was spent playing Minecraft and this is where their afternoons ended. Sorry, I forgot they did go out and play on their scooters and play a bit of football but neither of them wanted to go for a walk like I had planned.

The highlights are:

· We all cleaned the dining room table and chairs and not realising how filthy the furniture was

· Spending time in bed together; although it was too early to be awake

· Children eating pizza but I had already given them ice cream before that snack

· Children telling them they wanted to go out

· Children telling me I had missed certain subjects like cooking from the timetable

Personally, all-in-all I felt like by day three we started to crack homeschooling. I will keep you updated on my days from next Monday again. I can understand that this an emotional and anxious time for many. Please remember we are in this together and there are no prizes for best but prizes for the ones who tried. Keep on trying and give yourself a pat on the back for all of the fantastic effort you have been putting in and the rewards will be shown along the path of life later.

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