London in lockdown: Day 4

To be locked in,

Without consent or permission,

I stare you in the eyes,

I suggest persuasively,

Please keep me locked in,

The world is no use to me anymore,

I love what I have,

I love what I enjoy,

Let me transcend the moments,

There is just desire to enjoy these moments of solitude,

So, keep me locked in,

I am probably better off here than anywhere else.

The days have been beautiful and full of sunshine. Nature is rejoicing that us humans are not polluting the atmosphere anymore whilst we stay locked in. There is great splendour and abundance in the air, I can really feel it. Day 4, I am staying locked in, there was a goal to go running but I have long forgotten this. The mind chatter I felt has passed and I feel like I have hit a sublime period, where I am slowly ticking off my tasks.

I continue to exercise but I have not been able to muster the energy for a run outside. Something is stopping me and I know that I feel anxious when thinking about this. There were particular run routes when I use to live at the other house and I really miss them. Today, I decided that I can still run those routes, my ex-husband doesn’t own the streets and it will probably be more emotional draining on myself; if I run past the old house, I use to live in.

We all hold negative energy and like to stay in a place of safety. Normality is achieved, when there is a structure in place, when the mind knows what it needs to do and is filled with purpose. This is not always possible because there are emotions we feel. As, we all hold tension in parts of our bodies, this will reflect back to what we are feeling. Did you know that the illnesses in the lungs means there is a fear of death? Looking at life on a Meta level makes you re-evaluate everything very quickly.

There is a certain responsibility that comes with space. When you hold clearer headspace and alignment in the heart you are able to create infinite abundance. I love this concept, creating so many boundless opportunities that I can feel the world just tip on it’s axis because I changed my mindset by working on me. To be able develop empathy, understand love, discover compassion and kindness someone or many people need to be on the other end. I will take this time to learn about me but then these learnings I would like to impart on others; as I have been given a gift. A gift to learn, educate and connect with others on a unique level.

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