London on Lockdown: Day 5

It is lockdown,

I am simply locked down,

I have found a way to fly,

You didn’t lock me down,

I’m on Prime,

At a click of a button you are mine,

The internet has become a haven of resources,

Over stimulated but full of purpose,

There is a dizzying high

The week began with great uncertainty and a lot of anxiety from society, friends, families and peers. This week had felt like a dystopian dream out of a sci-fi novel and during this time; I have been able to continue with my positivity and somehow keep going with my tasks even with children and a day job. How we respond to situations out of our control depends solely on our psyche and then rest is based upon the government and media.

The disbalance that has occurred from one virus and has made us stronger in our responses, agility to work together and connect our communities. The medical professionals are humbling in their endeavours to keep the sick from becoming sicker and on a road to recovery. After, the first week of being on lockdown; the weekend prior being very lax in their lockdown methodology meaning that sunshine and Brits thought it was time for BBQs and relaxing out in the sun. The local high street was swarming with people like it was Oxford Street and there were as many runners as you would find in a race scenario. The lockdown in London was not tight enough but for some a more relaxed mode can be seen as being warranted by many. This has meant that when complete lockdown happened, psychologically some of us require a negative consequence for the reality to set in to what is happening.

Disillusionments set aside, we have completed nearly one week of lockdown. It has been a time where families have been able to spend more time together. I have been able to concentrate on one day at a time and free up time to carry out online courses, spend time cooking and concentrate much more on blocking out media and concentrating on me and the children. To keep the anxiety levels down, the simple acts of less is more and helping others with their levels of anxiety has allowed me to feel at use and humbling as others share their experiences with me.

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