London on Lockdown: Easter has come and gone…

Easter is not quite the same without many little feet running here and there, as they search for the hidden eggs that is known to us as the Easter Egg hunt. The time of Easter holds great nostalgic feelings of many past memories, as this a time of my daughter’s birthday and many of her friends. We know this time of not just chocolate eggs but of a time to socialise and gather with many we only see perhaps once or twice a year.

This is also a time, where my daughter would celebrate her birthday and I would spend weeks in planning to pull together another unique birthday that would be full of happy, laughing memories. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this was the not the case this year – perhaps Covid19 demonstrates how large birthday parties are no longer required. For many of us, Covid19 can bring up not just feelings of negativity; hostility and anxiety from relationships that have ended or that are currently in fragile place.

There are not many blessings from pandemic that is worldwide. To venture out of my little place of heaven feels like I have entered the twilight zone and this makes me want to run back immediately. The saying is a ‘happy home is where the heart is’ and this is certainly true for myself. We live in world, where the internet is part of our life but now it is even much so. There have been ways to challenge myself to increase my visibility as a coach, to increase my knowledge in areas that require developing.

The mind has had to broaden to be agile in thinking and be innovative into the infinite possibilities of self-growth. One of the challenges of being a working single-parent has been adaptability in thinking and creating less dis-ease and more ease into our daily structures and routines. I am learning as each day passes that today I am a winner; as I didn’t just turn up or do the bare minimum. I brought much than that to the table and each day that passes I can pat myself on the back for the efforts of trying to hold down a job, a role of a single-parent and carry forth with a coaching business with purpose and determination.

There are times when I think to myself, I am more crazy than sane. But I do believe I have a purpose in my life and it has chosen me and my path I create can become more fruitful and beneficial to me and my family. This is something no one can take away from me. Remember, if someone is being negative towards you, do you need to respond in that same manner? Or can you turn the other cheek? We can only embody the brand we create; this is how we will be remembered in time to come.

I would take this opportunity to look deep into your heart. What is the future we want to create? During these times of crisis, we will be able to really open up our hearts to understand our purpose in this life. So, now is that time to re-focus, re-energise, re-align ourselves to what our hearts desire.

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I work with people who are fragmented, they require to feel that love for themselves again and seeking alignment from the person who has already experienced fragmentation. I can bring you real life examples and create a safe haven to be able to re-center yourself to be able to love yourself for who you are and not what you are.

My love to you all,

Mary xxx

Transformational Mindset Life Coach

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