London on Lockdown: Just getting out

It is beautiful Saturday day and the sun is shining bright. One child wakes up too early this means that we are all awake but there are repercussions to lack or little sleep. Our sleep pattern and how much sleep we require changes from person to person. There are averages but no person is the same; especially not in this household.

When you do sleep a sufficient amount, you become cranky, restless, irritable and most of all your body desires food that generally are not very good for you. When this happens you can truly feel the consequences and so can anyone else around you. A good sleep routine and wake up routine is very important; it is fundamental to try to keep a routine as your brain requires it. And yes, even needs it. Patterns and processes will create high levels of efficiency for us all.

It is crucial to recognise that the lack of sleep can do this and then try to change the pattern to shift the mind away. This is when sports, a walk or carrying out something more energetic will assist to get the blood flowing around the body and especially to the brain. This meant we did go out and the mood was changed quite dramatically to shift the pattern that had been created. I am patting myself on the back, as I have been able to keep a relaxed attitude and did not allow this to deviate from enjoying a lovely day; which meant that after apologies from the little one all was forgotten and forgiven. A game of bingo was will enjoyed by us all.

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