London on Lockdown: Leaving behind the disappointments of yesterday

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The future is looking full of colour; the past is dim in comparison to where my footsteps will be going. Whilst, the world has been under lockdown many new opportunities have arisen from discussions with people across the globe. I didn’t expect the infinite possibilities that I had created in my realm, which has been created all from the comfort of my home. Tomorrow is not so bleak as I had imagined, as I have dream, a vision of where I will be heading; what lies in wake of my destiny.

To have reached this place, I feel that I have been tested – mentally, physically and spiritually.

During this week, I have found that the infinite possibilities can be achieved but first I needed to heal the wounds of the past. With the past, lies a bitter disappointment. A disappointment of lost love, anger, frustration even realisation that I am flourishing now even more than I have done before. My destiny is being created by none other than myself. I am testing myself, creating abundance and learning to trust my gut instinct but my axis is still quite tilted.

After my collapse in June 2018, I found that my path had forever changed for the better. My mindset was agile, growth was not just about hitting the targets but about hitting the spirits highs within myself. Mainly, there has been an acceptance of myself, the love that I feel for myself and also that my purpose is to help others but first that help must be sought from within. I feel that you can see a difference in my mannerisms, the expectations I have from others and also the expectations from myself. The infinite possibilities are only possible with your centre being aligned.

I want to let go of the disappointments but first I need to acknowledge them,

My axis are polar opposites,

Mind, body, soul connection,

From love,

To love,

In Acceptance,

Is love

- Mary Panwaskar

My take-away’s from this week have been:

- Conversations can occur even whilst a crisis is ongoing

- You can experience open honest conversations

- If you do not reach out, then the infinite possibilities may not possible

- You can add hope, love to someone else’s world

- Be giving, learn to love, this is where compassion stems come from

- Show vulnerability and most of all listen to your heart

I am leaving behind a week with momentous goals being achieved. I did expect to achieve these goals, as they were not part of the plan and I have found that is necessary to keep analysing the plan. There is nothing wrong with testing to see if it breaks. It is your trust, belief, commitment and the passion you feel to want to succeed that will ensure that you do not fail on the path you have set. So, let me help you in letting go of those disappointments, opening your heart and fulfilling your spiritual journey.

I leave with a final message that to love is opening yourself up to the infinite possibilities without this everything becomes meaningless.

All my love, Mary xxx

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