London on Lockdown: Retrospectively of the week passed

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

I have spent a week exploring different coaching and psychological theories. This household is about learning, living, loving, spending time together and creating a supporting network to others and ourselves.

This week has had it challenges, the goals and targets I have set myself are not being achieved as I would have liked. Am I being too hard on myself? Am I stretching myself too thin? There are infinite possibilities if you plan your day well and stay organised. I am finding that as each week passes that the learning curve of understanding how to maximise your day and flexibility comes with a great price. This price is setting your expectations free and each day is never the same. To learn to be flexible with ourself and the others around us will help you become a better supportive tree. The roots require to be strong for you to be able to let go when there is a ‘battle’ that doesn’t require fighting.

The Happy Coach has kindly invited me to join the Facebook group, where coaches share ideas, inspire, motivate and educate one another. David has been bringing together different coaches from across the globe for us to gain different perspectives and topics. I have been listening to a few of the webinars and found that sleep, health and letting go is very important. There are different methods that we can all take and some take a more scientific approach to life, others from experience and others from the trainings that they have undertaken. David at The Happy Coach is genuine, approachable, informative coaching trainer who is interested in coaches prospering because they too like him want to help others and then also prosper financially in their practices.

On Saturday, I immersed myself in a few Ted Talks whilst I was carrying out the cleaning. Here are a few I listened to How to shift your mindset and choose your future, Why sleep matters more than ever, How understanding divorce can help your marriage and 2 questions to uncover your passions. The two I found most useful where how much sleep matters and how sleep works to ensure that our mind continues to run like clockwork. For those like myself who didn’t know between the time of 22:30 until 02:00 this is the when the body is carrying out physical repair. The time between 02:00 until 06:00 is when there is psychological repair happening. The importance of sleep and sleep hygiene cannot be stressed enough. Those who are unsure about sleep hygiene then please listen to the podcast as it is truly very informative.

The other podcast I found very interesting was How understanding divorce can help your marriage. This is where you enter marriage thinking about divorce first, so it is about all of the learnings that divorce would provide; as in why didn’t the marriage work out and then look at how you can avoid this. Briefly discussed about what you bring in, what you take out, value of the emotions and then value of shared responsibilities, tasks and finances. I can concur with this as I believe that a relationship should be treated like a business. If you think about how much we put in and how much we will get out and what risks a business will undertake; how would this be the same in our relationship.

The podcast was short but very much to the point that if we all looked at what would create friction after the demise of a relationship then possibly there would be ways to save a relationship before the damage had undertaken. This very much works with our beliefs, values and attitudes and if they are not aligned with ourself or with the partner you take; then it is better to end that journey before the heartache and financial ruin becomes all too much. I use to believe, that relationships can work on communication, feedback, love and giving but this is not the case anymore. As, you may find that you might be making all of the right noises but the other is not really being involved and just happily taking more from you. The importance of letting go of the past and closing those doors will help create a prospering relationship and if you cannot do that; then it is best to work on closing that door and then take the next chapter in your life.

The week prior has been a real week of learning. It has been about letting go of expectations. It has been about trying something and putting yourself out there even though you do not know how beneficial this could be to you. To create networking opportunities and learning journey’s from your home is truly worth more than a weight of gold. This week will be more about concentrating on the children and the webinars I have created; well the work for those are complete. So, it is really about keeping the wheels going, staying happy, helping others and being in love with me.

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