London on Lockdown: Roadblock!

The mind works in a way that is affective for us to carry out our daily tasks and to manage the stresses or anxieties that come along with life.  This is to protect us, to ensure that we are able to continue to move forward even if it’s in the most basic of methods; which is to function.  Are you at a point where you feel that you are at standstill?  Or what I would call, you have hit a roadblock.   I can confirm this has happened to me this week and I am going to reveal how I overcome this.

Be kind to yourself:  I believed that as I had more time to carry out additional tasks, courses, online networking that I could do it all!  All this meant was that I was over engulfed in sensory, visual, audio information and I felt my axis had been turned upside down.  I want to do it all but we know that we can’t do it all; or we will just water down what we are about and even end up in burn out.  So, it is time to lower the expectations in multi-tasking, as not every day will be same.  There will be other factors that will mean that your mind or body is not on full blast!  When we are pivoting, negative pivoting can occur; as our aim has become fuzzy by the noise.

Reserve your energy:  There are many notifications or emails from businesses, peers, friends, families and others out there mainly via social media.   This can be more than frustrating that what you first subscribed to what seem so exciting and good to know has now become a bombardment of information overload.   Energy is our force field that is comes from our heart and when this energy is on overload; you cannot function appropriately.   This is the same from nutrition, sleep and also any other additional stress levels that you may be adding to reducing your energy resources.

Adaptability:  There are many different perspectives to how you can make your day work.  I find that my mind likes to carry out large chunks of work in the morning.  This means I look at how I can adapt my day to fit around my mind, my body and my emotions on that day.  For instance, one day I had a very bad headache for two days, which has come and gone; I know the signs.  This meant my mood was a little off and by being easy on myself, carrying out some exercise and some mediation to release the negative tensions building inside me.  This helped clear my mind that felt overburdened with anxiety of events that I could not control. 

Recognition:  I am writing more and increasing my skills.  I am creating a happy home for the children and most of all, I am juggling children – some homeschooling, work and my running.  All whilst, a crisis is ongoing and I am not really leaving my house.  I haven’t left my house since Monday and I am loving it because I have created a home that I love to be in.  The little touches here and there, the mod corns that I love are creating a harmonic energy force.  Most of all, when annoyed with children I am looking at ways to include them into the daily jobs not that really works but I feel that they feel involved.  Also, my day is much longer now and this means energy levels are depleting, caffeine levels are increasing and mad runs are becoming need and not a must have!  I know you know what I mean.

Giving back:  Every once in a while I am able to help women who are in a vulnerable setting.  They might be experiencing domestic abuse from partners or loved ones.  I am able to offer them a support on a pro bona basis; may it be ad-hoc or continuous.  This makes me feel whole again.  There are vulnerable people that sometimes need someone at the end of the phone to just listen to them and do this once in a while; whenever can.  They bring a tear to my face but also a smile that I was able to give back something; as they trusted me with their pain.

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