London under Lockdown: Family, children and friends

Here in London, there are two types of chefs that Lockdown has created. The ones interested in creating food and the others interested in desserts. Both take skill, precision and some finesse! I have always been the type to create food and dessert is always bottom of the list. I find the experience most often baffling, puzzling and often scratching my head on what did I miss out? How long do I mix for? Or something else that I have probably missed and not quite figured out what.

I have found Lockdown has not increased any of my culinary skills. This truly saddens me and all I have done is created more dishes at mealtimes; as we all seem to eat so much more. Sometimes, I forgot that breakfast is not dinner and lunch is not a lavish banquet ready for the royalty to walk through at any moment.

Lockdown has meant a culinary roadmap to our stomachs. My son realised he ate too much, as he lay on my lap and stated ‘how he had eaten too much and his stomach hurt.” I have found the desire to bake but then this has meant too many desserts are being churned out of the kitchen; as we are yet to discover which one we like the most. Is it apple crumble, banana cake, carrot cake or even baklava that didn’t turn out quite right.

Lockdown has also meant there has been a lack of flour and now after quite a hunt and spending too much money. I have a little fortress of flour ready for pancakes, bread, unleavened bread, cakes and many other items requiring every different type of flour imaginary. We are so excited about the flour, different types purchased like rye, spelt and organic wholemeal type grains ready to baked. I believe the flour is just excited as us; as they for once feel like they are privileged part of the shopping aisle destination.

When you bring food to the table. You can bring tears to the table. The art of food can mean that you will do what you wish and mainly what your emotions state. With my daughter it was throwing the pot of yoghurt at her brother whilst he sat annoying her on the relatively new sofa. If I was shocked, well – multiply by this by ten and ten again; as they were shocked by the emotions pouring out of themselves. This is what I find comes with food; the sharing of emotions, memories and the nurturing of the body.

Finally, I found that when I least expected it; someone would surprise me with carrying out the opposite. You expect them to eat toast and fruit and they would eat smoked salmon and cucumbers. The power that is held when you sit down together means you can share and even turn around negative emotions and concentrate on the positive’s; all within minutes of each other.

The lesson learned here is that we should not concentrate on the beauty but the story. The roadmap is not always going to be how we wish or expect and simple actions may seem uncomplicated but anything is possible; when you least expect it. There was going to be some strict rules in place due to not breaking the rules but the repercussions of the actions. Instead, I will concentrate on the importance of the matter and how we are emotionally, physically affected and creating rules where there is an understanding of what can and not happen. We must concentrate on ensuring rules are in place but the more rules in place; the temptation to break them will be in place. It is up to us, to stay consistent and ensure the same message is communicated at all times and this way we can create memories and learnings that will with stand time and hopefully create the future roadmap we wish to make.

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