London under Lockdown: Happiness

Happiness for some can seem like a distant memory but this does not have to be the case. Today, I am not happy or sad. I am just feeling a little tired. The dishwasher has broken down and the dirty dishes are inside waiting to be cleaned. These are not happy moments as you feel frustrated and a little tired of the constant food meal preparations, hovering the house, household tasks that don’t seem to stop in lockdown.

We did find happiness today. We all worked out in the living room; Sunday morning with high kicks and punches; then finishing with plank and stretching. The additional movement has not created happy hormones to be bouncing around; we have been a little disorganised with quantity of food required and staying in bed feels like the thing to do.

Happiness can be found from just taking a day off from the chores. As, I lie in bed with my daughter, I think back to our spa day. We have spent the weekend truly relaxing and letting go of any negative blockages. We found happiness in bingo – funny that! Watching a kids movie and talking about what plants we could plant next.

Happy Habits do not need to be complicated. They do not need to be lavish and over the top. Happiness stops when there is a growl in our tummies and that growl is beginning about right now. The bircher museli we made this morning has long disappeared.

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