London under Lockdown: Meltdown and tears

There can be calmness and serenity in how our day pans out. It is up to us to conquer each day and instill all the positivity we wish too. However, what do we do when the sea of tears and tantrums do not end? Amidst, the daily chaos of chores, cooking, feeding, cleaning, work and rallying towards those goals that we have all created. There are moments where you feel you are just swimming in the sea of tears and tantrums. How we do overcome this? We cannot keep feeding them. This is the puzzle of how to keep young children occupied whilst Lockdown continues and keeping our day jobs; if those still exist.

We all enjoy the silence that solitude can bring us. I am often frequented by sparrows and other birds that have now find a little paradise in my back garden. It didn’t take much and what I have been able to create so far has meant that I can frequently hear the lyrical songs sung by true nature.

What can we do to achieve happiness or better still joy?

I find joy, when I am running and this is when I feel free.

I find joy, when I have learnt something new and I have overcome the difficult in learning the new skill or task.

I find joy, when I feel love from a person who is dearest to me.

I find joy, when I feel I travel around the globe.

What brings you happiness or joy? What can you do to create this?

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