London under Lockdown: One month fast disappeared … !

The week seems to have rapidly sped past. This week, I have learnt to let go and I have taken some time to look at my strengths. These were the topics of the webinar and self-retrospect’s I have been carrying recently. I am fast heading towards forty this year and four decades feel that they have been compressed over the past two years.

I am strong believer of retrospect and looking at your methodology and actions. But for once, I can say it is not all about my actions; my actions are not here to cause envy, anger or fear into someone else. My actions are to help you with the knowledge I have gained over the decades (which is hardly that many) and the skill set that I have learned over time. There are not many people I know, who has my motivation, will power and determination to succeed. I believe so much in myself because I love to give but then I must also recognise that I; like many others is merely human with no superpowers. Sometimes, it is time to just stop the analytical mind, where I am trying to predict the future or trying to implement a positive change that I forget about the beauty of this world.

This week, I took a step away from podcasts. I enjoyed the time where I was able to fully immerse myself in learning and writing about coaching methods that I knew somewhat but now I feel I am fully versed and understood in the topics I choose. However, I look at my life and I am starting to feel a little bit anxious that my life is truly revolving around creating a foundation for the business that I think to myself. What about me? I am gasping to open my lungs to a distant new land; where I can explore and talk to strangers about their culture and their routines. Perhaps, I should have been a journalist; another pipedream that was truly a hobby then a profession I wish to embark upon.

The time away from the world is allowing me to explore my mind and my mind is immersed but wants so much more. My mind also likes that break; when I find myself on the treadmill or working out in front of the TV. She knows that I am testing her in the best possible way. I feel like I am child in a sweet shop and I am in wonder and amazement of what is around me. I didn’t realise that there is so many potential avenues that I can travel down from the comfort of my home.

My challenges or tasks I have set myself for the weekend ahead is to have some fun. I love to cook but I feel frustrated in the little kitchen. However, I am making do and I am not hindered from making culinary creations. I think we will make different types of bread, or some baking. Perhaps, even some curries; as I am really missing some Thai food. Fun tasks with the children will be gardening, colouring, bingo, movies with popcorn. I will try to extract simple classic ways to have fun & relax; as the moments of this lockdown are fast disappearing.

I want to walk away from this being not a historical event in the world but a time where I tried new challenges. I tried to break patterns to create more effective work processes and build on the dreams that had lain dormant so long. To be able to say, one day that even of times adversity; this girl she didn’t give up because she had a positive growth mindset. Furthermore, her passion to help others became an emblem of her character and strengthens others also in these times of uncertainty.

Today, with that is happening – I still feel hopeful for the future. There has been too moments of uncertainty and efforts, love and patience given to someone who did not deserve it. If they deserved it, then we wouldn’t be here now; where I standing here alone but now full of certainty that I never have experienced before.

Finally, the lesson of life for me has been it is not about feeling ‘the value of the ground you walk on’. No, it is about how you treat other people that is and should be with care, empathy, love and understanding. Sometimes, we would not be standing at a pivotal point in our lives if it wasn’t for the ones who were in it. So, there are no regrets of yesterday, just learning’s for the future and stronger self that is now resilient, full of empathy and abundant in love.

With love, Mary xxx

I hope you can join me for one of the coaching webinar’s are now offered bi-weekly Tuesday at 15:15 and Thursday at 18:30.

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