London under Lockdown: Staying Resilient at times of Adversity

When I have spoken to people recently, I am frequently finding that individuals are becoming more emotional vulnerable and spending more time in procrastination. They have come to a point, where the impact of home life, work life and the normalisation of structure is bypassing what they are used too. The emotional toll is recognised but not enough to understand and then stay resilient through this time of adversity and for some heightened panic.

What increases our productivity and increases output is how our energy is efficiently used. To increase the output, we should look at our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual output. How can we achieve this if you are not feeling attuned to what you are experiencing? Well, now is the time to really get to know yourself.

When we are over exhausting certain parts of our resources of energy; then we will falter in our steps and we feel very lethargic and sluggish in our actions. This can even mean we may breakdown from over compensating in one area only and undercompensating in another. The emotions we will feel will also weaken our state of emotions, which will be detrimental in how we perform our tasks.

This is best described like so by Tony Schwartz and Jim Loehr:

Principles that you can practice:

1. Understand how much you are drawing from each of the energy sources: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

2. If you overuse or underuse then the energies are being utilised properly

3. To increase and build upon our capacity, we do need to extend ourselves. To do this a system or process is required and then built upon over time. Think about athletes and how they extend themselves over time, structure and in a systemic way

4. Creating positive energy rituals: Look at ways in improving positive energy via walks, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, enjoying green spaces, a good sleep routine, eating healthy, giving back, praying, gratitude and many more

It is important to get to know yourself. To be able to understand when you need to switch off and you under stimulated; as this too will cause frustrations. I will reiterate that structure, clear goals, time frames and accountability will help address where you over utilising your energy too. Which will allow you to become more resilient, emotionally balanced and even cope better in stress.

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