Mental Health Week

Staying optimistic can be harder than you think; when you don’t feel things are going in the right direction. It’s difficult knowing that the future is hazy, life is not near as perfect as you hoped and there is a global pandemic going on!

It has been an interesting week and there have been highlights in my knowledge base. And lowlights in managing other personal tasks like creating content for my coaching company. There have been highlights in interesting, challenging conversations and then lowlights in managing angry, frustrated, hot emotions. Life on the slow lane doesn’t seem so slow; as chores increase, hungry tummies to feed and growing desire to create a strong future for myself and the children.

It has been time to stop and hit the pause button. The coaching webinars stopped this week and this was disappointing but the radio show will continue and hopefully long-term. There was a change in schedule which hindered the exercise routine, creating movement and challenging the body is required even more when mentally draining tasks are being carried out. It is also time to just lower expectations and understand why the optimism has disappeared. A lot of being, increased expectations and the desire not to fail.

I hold expectations in growing knowledge, assisting others and growing my life coaching business. Like many others there are concerns when what you forecasted, believed possible and wanted to happen has stopped still. The worse possible problem for any business is to help too much for free and then soon forget you are here to make money and not offer your time for free all of the time. To assist on a pro-bona basis is fulfilling but the whole point of the business is not being fulfilled because you not making the earnings required to sustain yourself. This questions your sustainability and your ability to charge appropriately for a service you are providing. Sometimes, it is important to look at the picture from other frames to ensure you are moving forward in the right direction.

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