Oh, dear broken heart

Oh, dear broken heart,

Are you really broken?

What do you cry about?

These falling tears that cascade like a waterfall,

How did this happen?

What can you say now?

Let it go, tomorrow is tomorrow,

Today is now,

Yesterday feels is like figment of your imagination

So, imagine the wonders you can make of tomorrow,

Oh, dear broken heart,

You’ve let me down,

You loved too much, you forgot about me,

I allowed you to punish me,

I allowed you to throttle me,

Fragments cannot be put together so easily,

But it is okay,

The heart is healing from the self-love I feel,

Now, is the time to explore, to adventure, to expand the horizon,

Oh, dear broken heart,

You do not feel so broken,

You seem so strong, resilient, overflowing in love,

Emancipated and humanised ready to go on.

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