Reinforcement Model of Positivity

I am working on reinforcement model of positive behaviours that will build over time. It is integral to ensure a pattern and positive habit building is created for them to be cemented in your mind. It is a simple method but one that takes practice and preservance.

Here are the tips to build in new skills or habits into your daily routine:

1. Be congruent and aligned to change

2. Create a clear pattern of intention

3. The early riser catches the worm

4. Set clear goals that are achievable and add accountability

5. Behaviour changes work over time – limit the changes you wish to carry out

6. Eat regular healthy meals through out the day

7. Be active – 30 minutes a day of exercise that can be broken up into intervals

8. Carry out gratitude or mediation

9. Clean your house and declutter where required

10. Carry out some charity work, when possible

With all behavioural changes you will need to be congruent and want change to occur. When I put the above principles in practice, I am finding that procrastination is the biggest factor of not achieving the desired goals. The secondary behavioural changes that are now being implemented by yourselves require repetition and commitment. If procrastination is not hindering you to move forward, then it is important to understand the reasoning behind it. Most likely, there is an experience, childhood trauma or correlation somewhere in your life that requires taking a closer look at.

The ten simple steps seem fairly straightforward but also there will be a whole host of emotions, past experiences, failures and successes. Possibly, you want to add a reward and recognition system that highlight milestones. It is also important to sphere in social circles of positive influence and who too hold a broad mindset. Who influences us in our daily life and the wider circle will impact our morale, ideology and desire to move forward; somewhat. This is where our values, beliefs and attitudes will play a part in how different the secondary behavioural change is from our primary behavioural change. We innately want to eat, drink and go to sleep; some of us are more prone to health and fitness due to our family ties. This is why it is important to be aligned with the goals that you wish to achieve; if they are too aspirational, where the desire to achieve is now; then you will be quickly left with a bitter taste in your mouth.

Lastly, I would be frank with you. There are many who want to achieve and then write down all of their goals but they do not want to achieve them because the hard work just terrifies them. They do not want to try and they are happy in the bubble of safety that they have created. This bubble will not provide them with any extra adrenaline rushes, nor allow them to grow and they would have been stagnant a long time before they had even entered the bubble. To question these individuals you would need to understand what are they not wanting to face, what have they experienced and what underlining conditions in their body are truly portraying. The ones who are frightened of being able to tackle their goals will become highly anxious, they will feel lower back pain, perhaps a painful knee or pain in their shoulders. If they cannot speak out then they will face medical problems with their throat and the bodies will not be able to regulate the temperature very well. Of course, there will be a loss of appetite, increased weight from eating unhealthy foods for some and carrying out the minimum in some instances.

These individuals can change their processes very quickly and easily and they will be able to see a dramatic change in mood, weight, body and other area of their lives. They will probably enjoy the buzz so much that after a while, they will forget that they even felt that they were in a bubble. What can be done is visualisation can be carried out initially too and the change of mindset can happen. There are social, economic and racial attributes that will be part of an individuals make up but if the want and desire is there to fulfil the changes; it can happen.

I hope the above has helped you. Now, is the time to achieve the goals you desire as we have more time to concentrate on what is important to us.

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