Relationships: The survivors guide to Love

If you are anyone like me you become very involved in a person that you forgot about keeping some back for yourself. After over ten years of marriage, two children, an ongoing divorce and a new partner in my life. I am re-learning the intrinsic aspects of love, relationship building and foundational elements of what brings two people together. I have high expectations and spent many years not knowing how the jigsaw puzzle of a relationship fit together.

After, a lot of deep diving and spending many hours getting to know myself. I am starting to feel that life has taken me on a journey to realise my true potential of how to love and how they work lovingly in a relationship. In each relationship each partner will take a certain role and these will become intrinsic in making the relationship to work; as they are working on what drives us as a human being. So, what is this survivors to guide to Love? And do I even need it?

I believe that with all relationships in our lives that the best is what we have with ourself. If we are able to harness that power in creating an aligned person; then the other person we include help become the best of us and even themselves. For some, it could be learning to empower themselves in asking honest questions that they have found difficult to grasp and communicate. For others, it could be that what we had once upon time has been lost in the world of tasks.

The most important is that you can work with one another with trust, respect and love. To be able to carry this out, you need to think about how you wish to be treated, what your attitudes, beliefs and values are. What drives you as a person and are you able to harness your inner power to attract the right person in your life right now. This theory applies not just to your mate but friends, colleagues, peers and family members. Times are changing and self-development, healthy mind and healthy body is being incorporated in all aspects of life. This investment should also be carried out with your mate, partner, husband, lover & friend.

Here are some fundamentals that will assist you in driving that success:

· What is your communication like as a couple?

· Are you on the same page in all aspects of your life?

· Do you have united goals?

· What can you do to motivate and inspire one another?

· The importance of clarity and direction the relationship is to be heading

· Are there any difficult conversations that is worrying you?

· Have you been able to close the past and move forward together?

· Are you aware of how interact and react to one another?

· What can you do to grow together?

We want to dance together in the elixir of life. To be thirsty, creating tangible memories that are everlasting through growth, love, health and mind–body connection.

With love,

Mary xxx

Mindset Life Coach

Empower yourself to the future you wish to achieve

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