Seized by Anxiety

There are times when you can experience intense bouts of fear. A crippling fear that makes your hands and legs shake, your body perplexed, your hair fall out, loss of appetite and even worse passing out because your mind cannot take what it is being subjected too. This is not a syndrome it is called stress. It is our unconscious mind speaking to us and telling us that the signs are there to help us if we choose.

If you allow yourself to imagine a world where you can recognise the trigger points of stress then you will not be seized by it anymore. There many reasons why we feel these factors, it can be sense of trying to achieve perfection, a collapse of a relationship, low self-esteem, overworking, poor health and many other factors. However, what is not uncommon with these reasons is that it leads to you reaching a breaking point and your body screams out no more.

I want my readers to feel that can tackle anxiety and shake it by it’s horns and turn it around with a blink of an eye. This can be quite easily done with practise, perseverance and wanting to change your reaction to anxiety. Children are the best guinea pigs for this because they show they show everything to you in an honest and open manner; which does not happen in adult life. Children will wholeheartedly jump into something with no fear and abandonment or they will do the reverse and run the other way. Adults have a tendency of wanting to over-compensate or they often disguise the truth, which means that their anxiety is revealed without their knowledge.

When we become adults we forget that our mind wants to be stimulated and wants us to recognise the triggers points of stress. But most importantly our brain wants us not to over pressurise the brain in this particular manner. Our destiny is within reach and our brains wants us to shape it’s positive thinking to better cater our lives. When we are in the corporate world our careers our shaped by our greatest accomplishments and how personable way are to others around us. To be great leaders when must lead. However, this same principle is not carried out in our personal lives; our accomplishments at home are not rewarded in the same manner but they were probably were just as hard and difficult to attain like those in our personal lives.

We are all know that anxiety is a slow killer to the body but before you know it; you could be lying on that floor without hope to spare. Before this happens to you, do you not want to conquer your feeling of anxiety because we have the power to control our own destiny and open up infinite possibilities from the experiences we have had. It takes certain guts and confidence to be able to openly state you want to pursue a goal or tackle something that will drastically change your life forever. So, how can we do this?

The journey has already begun that you have recognised that you wish to make a change in yourself to enjoy life further. This is much more a step than you will find from many others. It is time to take a deep look at yourself in the mirror and realise that you love yourself and the decisions you make will impact not just yourself but others around you. When you took that decision to look at fine tweaking your response to stress you are also sending signals out to others that you are prepared to learn more about yourself to make a dramatic change to bring fulfilment in your life. Others will want to do what you are doing, drink what you are drinking and aspire to be more like you. So, when you have taken the step to change your thinking, open up your unconscious mind; the right steps you take will bring on a vast amount of followers that you will be responsible for.

To change an outcome you will not need to practise many times until you have perfected a technique. How we breathe, how we respond and what we visualise coincides with this. There is always a scenario where you wished you never sent that email but now it’s going into the hands of those that you never imagined could. We can safeguard ourselves by stopping and breathing, taking deep breaths and counting slowly. Sometimes we have allowed our head to be so over consumed with negative thoughts and ideas that we are actually manifesting that into the tasks we carry out that the results then work against us and not for us.

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