Something went wrong

Something went wrong…

What I felt,

Happened so quickly,

The feelings of powerlessness,

Anxiety and disappointment,

What I saw,

I only have flashbacks,

It was so long ago,

The paintwork is tired,

Sometimes too bright and out of focus,

What I heard,

I tried to close my ears,

But somehow the muffled sounds came through,

What I smelt,

It is long gone now,

I’ve extinguished that part,

But my mind doesn’t seem to let go,

There are flashbacks,

But is it my mind playing tricks,

I thought I had let go,

But when I least expect it.

The pain comes rising back up,

Like a dolphin head emerging from the sea,

I didn’t know of these feelings,

There are so many,

Anger, disappointment, shame, loneliness and fear,

I didn’t expect this to happen,

But it has shaped a part of who I am,

What I do with all of this is up to me,

The path I undertake is destined by how I present myself,

How I mould myself,

How I present the emotions I feel,

It is a time of rebirth, shed the old skin,

It is a time to become a better me,

Shed away the past to create a brighter future.

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