Take Control of Your Life and say No

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Stop it,

Don’t abuse me like this,

Your warfare is not physical,

Yet you get away with it on every occasion,

Your lies continue,

The malicious behaviour is never-ending,

Stop the abuse!

Are you experiencing the following sort of experience in controlling, bullying, threatening or even violent behaviour? Abuse does not need to be physical in anyway. It can be emotional, physical, sexual, financial or psychological.

Have you ever received an image of cold cooked dinner because you were working too late? Does this sound familiar to you? Did you receive an image of a messy child’s bedroom; although you left it tidy before you left the home? That is called abuse.

What is happiness worth?

I don’t want to be constantly defending myself from the onslaught of malicious allegations made by other people. When it is three against one; it is like human rights does not matter. What will it take for you to feel happy? Do you need to protect yourself in every manner that technology has to offer? Should you wear police body cameras like the others in your house? To ensure that the intimidation tactics are just that; intimidation.

The breakdown of a relationship via matrimony will reveal much more about a person than all the years you have spent with them. There is an almost poetic injustice about what can be revealed when you least expect it. The other party may try to teach you what it is like to ‘value the ground that you work upon’ via the help of their family members. There are nasty individuals in this world who will use various excuses to promote this sort of behaviour.

Let’s get this there right away.

Negative behaviour in any shape or form is not accepted.

This is abuse and let’s put a stop to it.

There will be Insta Live Video’s to follow shortly.

Keep on reading. Thank you for coming back.

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