The Chattering Mind

Today, my mind feels clear,

Full of purpose,

Full of desire,

I have abundance,

I have commitment to proceed,

There were regrets from yesterday,

But I have moved on,

I’ve shifted some dead weight,

It was inevitable – it was forwards or backwards,

I wanted to change,

But change felt like such a challenge,

Now, I am housebound – I didn’t expect this,

But I found comfort in my surroundings,

I have created an area of love,

A space of refuge from the outside world,

I found that I was ready to leave my refuge,

But this time is not quite yet,

The anxiety I expected, didn’t come,

The illusion we create manifests larger than you expect,

Let go of the ego, let go of the past,

We are created in how we wish to be,

I want to create new fulfilling footsteps,

Memorable, loving and full of purpose,

Yesterday has long left,

Today, I am here, I am present,

Ready to curate a future with the best intentions.

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