The Hard Lesson of Life

There is a hard lesson in life when you have lost clarity. If you are unable to visualise and open your perspective to what you desire, then what are you living for? There is a pattern to life and it is up to us on how we wish to move forward.

· What is it that you really want?

· What will make you feel fulfilled?

· What will make you feel happy?

· What has made you to come to this decision?

When you have lost sight of the vision and end goal; then you are in sinking sand. You are sinking so quick and fast that you lose sight even further and quicker. When this happens you do not know which way to turn. The emotions have overflowed and you have allowed yourself to lose control to what is truly right in front of yourself. I know you are feeling, love, hate, anger, cheated; a façade of the mask has slipped and you are beyond an epiphany. You are beyond realisation. Then why are you allowing yourself to slip into the quick sand? We are in control of our actions. We are not puppets. God gave us freewill. We are as strong as we wish to be.

It is paramount that we carry out the following:

· Open your arms

· Embrace the world

· Embrace the love

· Allow the love in

Do this and you have moved in the right direction.

If I open up first, will you open up to me?

Will you tell me your story?

Will we take this path, this journey together?

Move with me, the dance of life and you feel what I am feeling.

It is important to begin with Self-Love without this we have nothing. When you believe in yourself and when you listen to your gut instincts; then you will realise that you own the journey of life.

If you don’t have Belief!

Make that belief!

Create that belief!

Show them you are a kick-ass kick boxer that you can fight your battles with love.

You are able to FREE Your Mind, to Free your Heart to Free your Soul.

Trust and Believe in God – He is above Us looking after Us.

I leave you with this – LOVE YOURSELF, Live in today, yesterday has gone and tomorrow is well tomorrow. Implement good deeds and who works purely from the Heart; they will reap more than you can ever imagination.

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