The Power of Forgiveness

To allow forgiveness we must open our arms out and embrace that people are not perfect. We can be strong believers in what we want and how we wish to proceed. However, when we you forgive someone for the deeds they carry out. Your heart will float upwards and your embrace of this world will increase dramatically. It is imperative to understand that sometimes you cannot win everyone over and that their decisions will come from what they believe. Or when communication has broken down and you are just not on the same page anymore.

There are some people who will go to extreme paths to ensure that what they believe in will be projected onto others. They cannot see beyond the hurt, pain, anger and ego. It is our duty and role in this role as individuals to create a harmonic environment and not play to the games that some others will create because they lack control over their surrounding situations. What you need to understand is that we do not have control because you try to control something, object or your path the more the world will counter-respond to this. The natural gravity of the world and the abundance you could create is now at a disharmony and the efforts you are trying to make will become futile.

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.” Earl Nightingale

We are not infinite on this world. Each one of us is impacting another via touch, language, our behaviour, our thoughts and even the beliefs we have created. Above us or around us is a Higher Being that is just watching what we are doing to one another. The pain and anger that has been caused and continues to be so will be answered for if the right intentions are present. Some of us may find it too difficult to forgive because we are so stuck in the moment. Or the deeds carried out are so negative that we cannot fathom how we could console our breaking hearts with anything else. But we must remember we don’t live on this world forever.

“Practice small acts of forgiveness

One way to get more comfortable with forgiveness is to practice small acts in everyday life, says Dr. Tyler VanderWeele, co-director of the Initiative on Health, Religion, and Spirituality at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. For example, if someone is rude or cuts you off in traffic, use that moment to recognize the wrong, realize it wasn't directed at you personally, and forgive him or her on the spot. "This way you also can learn to immediately stop the negative reaction and the feelings that come with it," says Dr. VanderWeele.” Harvard Health

If you think about a child and how some of their actions they carry out maybe on purpose which could annoy, frustrate and even anger you. However, if you address the situation and offer them some teachings of the ramifications of their actions. Then you have not just forgiven them as they are children and constantly learning but you are also teaching them to impact of what they have carried out. This may not always be possible with adults or people but imagine if you where able to first understand their perspective and then offer them alternate reasons for the impact of what they have carried out. Humanity will only grow if we are able to show that negativity and selfishness has an impact on others. If we are able to show that we were hurt by those actions then perhaps there will be an understanding via open communication. If not, then we have tried to embrace others and then it is our decision to step away.

What is important to understand is that forgiveness may take time. If you are able to forgive you will be happier, your mind will expand, there will be positive health impacts and your social circle will most likely expand. If there is no other way to think about it; then think about it like this bad, negative behaviour will only breed this further. This will create recurring negative thoughts, dreams, and memories that are not worth keeping onto.

What are you waiting for?

One step at a time you can promote happiness.

Human rights have been created for a reason; so if things are that bad laws are in place for a reason.

Otherwise, let’s open our arms and embrace this beautiful world for what it is worth.

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