The Power of Vulnerability

The Power of vulnerability

I looked into your eyes,

And I opened my heart to you,

My sorrow is visible,

My pain is open,

The harrowing times I am feeling,

Is magnificent, heightened

Because I have shared,

I have dared to display my emotions to you,

This is the Power of vulnerability,

It is even more powerful than honesty,

I allowed you into my world,

Where I shared my hope, my desires, my expectations,

It was not easy for me,

I was out of my comfort zone,

This is new to me,

Is it new to you?

To be vulnerable is being open,

You can sometimes falter from your expectations,

But if you let go of your expectations,

You are able to see wholly a new technicolour picture,

Did you know I made a change?

A change to make a better me,

So, if I open up to you,

Will you open up to me?

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