Today I Made A Discovery

I made a discovery today that I am no longer at the crossroads of my life,

I have travelled far and suffered immensely but also I have taken a path of thorns,

To be able to learn and explore what the heart and soul has to offer,

I have met with different people and explored different ethos’,

I have seen your perspective and disagreed with it,

I have seen another perspective and agreed with it,

I have taken learning’s from our own perspective and looked at it in another way,

To be at crossroads in your life means that you do not know which path to take,

You are unsure of yourself, you position in life and what do you stand for?

There is so much I stand for but it just got buried under by the plasticity of this world,

I forgot what I was about and what I love to do,

Some think I am selfish but I devote my time freely to those I care about,

Some think I do not care because I do what I want to do,

Some are concerned that my actions are too avant-garde because I do what others would love to do but are in fear because they have not lost it all,

I have loved, cried, laughed and then did it all over again,

I have been patient, impatient, greedy, generous, loving, caring, laughed, trusting; regretted none of it and did it all over again,

When you move away from the crossroads and see where you were and where you are now,

You want to shout ‘hellujah’ as you have endured so many stages that only you can really see what tribulations you have overcome,

The path is now less thorny without prejudice, just a desire to move forward through happiness, the heart and allowing the soul to fly,

Along this journey one must always remember the good people who opened their ears, their hearts,

Today we are present and happy with what we have achieved,

Tomorrow we can only wake up with good intentions and with the right intentions,

To start moving towards our goals, creating a happy heart and fulfilling our dreams again.

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