Today, I Made a Realisation

Today, I made a realisation.

I can only control my destiny,

I can’t control yours, his or hers

I feel utterly free from the burdens of my mind,

As I am in acknowledgement of my heart,

My soul and my desire to grow,

We believe too much in constraints and less in doing,

The control we seek is manmade,

Be part of nature and let it all go,

This is when you can feel the universe shift around you,

The axis of the world tilt and life irrevocable change forever.

Today, I felt the universe stop around me,

I was able to take in what was around me

I felt inner peace with the outside world,

My love for my children grew,

My love for my loved one grew even more,

As I knew these moments are the most important,

Our selves create little impacts upon others

The rippling effects can be seen cascading through the air,

Only if you watch close enough,

We have more control than we like to believe

Today, I realised,

I am living in yesterday,

And what is tomorrow if I cannot live in today,

Love today, enjoy today for the emotions, experiences and memories today brings,

We chase a dream so far in the future,

Today I realised that we are fighting against God’s Will,

He is there, He surrounds us, He loves us,

He is waiting for us to Call Him,

If you open Your arms Open to Him,

He will come to you; as when you least expect it,

Today, I realised,

I am surrounded in love,

The universe provides all of the abundance I need,

I looked right into the eyes of my destiny,

I made a realisation,

Today is to love with good intentions,

Open your heart and soul,

Tomorrow is tomorrow; make your good intentions today,

But don’t forget we live in today,

This is when I felt the love,

Inner love oozed out and abundance grew,

I saw the world for what it is and more,

Today, I realised,

If the good people stopped loving and caring,

Wanting to help others, then what is love really?

Trust in yourself, believe in yourself,

The universe will bring you people who need to belong in your realm,

And the universe has a funny thing about showing us the way,

Accept nature and the beauty of this world,

Open your arms to the embrace of life,

I feel it around me, sheltering me, loving me, caring for me,

With our hard work, dedication and good deeds,

Our realisations will not be for nothing,

Trust and love in yourself; nothing is impossible.

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