Welcome 2020

There have been many challenges through 2019. Many, I never would have imagined but the most impossible happened; where the love of others came forward. In times of adversity, the most beautiful miracles occur that a change of mindset and openness in yourself allows your heart to grow and gratitude blossom.

I have gratitude for the wonderful people who are my friends, families, colleagues and even strangers who came forward when I felt like I had nothing left. With two major operations that were completed, hormonal imbalance from those operations, malicious lies and constant emotional warfare from three individuals who became a gang and made my home become a war zone. It is better to learn quick and fast who your enemies are. They are always the one you trust and the closest and this rite of passage allowed me to grow in perseverance, open my heart, create a flexible mindset during the times of adversity.

I take gratitude and love for what is around me. I surround myself with beautiful people, with a beautiful home that is not an unfurnished project, delicious home cooked food made with loving hands and most of all; my children and loved ones show their love and affection for me within my sphere.

2019 has allowed me to shed my old skin. I can look in the mirror and truly love every part of me and look directly in your eyes with confidence in what I want. The year has brought an experience, a new death experience, resilience, gratitude, freedom to run, explore and create a stronger self. When you take the darkness out of your life, there is only light. Take yourself to the light as too many of us are unhappy and now is the time to grasp our future.

2020 awaits me.

2020 awaits you.

I thank everyone with the love that you have offered me.

I apologise to those whose feelings I didn’t take into account and hurt.

Finally, I thank God for always protecting me and sending me my guardian angels when I needed them the most.

Share the love, open your heart and open your soul to love and not hate.

We can make a better future together.

With blessings, gratitude & love,

Mary xxx

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