What Are You Seeking In Life?

Personal growth comes from within.

Personal growth comes from experiencing trauma,

Personal growth comes from standing up for what you believe in,

Your growth will depend on your willing to let go of what you know,

Your growth will depend on how far you wish to go,

Your growth will depend on how much you are willing to love,

To develop ourselves takes a belief of self-worth,

To develop ourselves takes a bit of selfishness,

To develop ourselves shows we are flexible and willing to learn,

But where will the journey take you?

What is it you are seeking?

What do you want in your life?

What do you want to achieve?

There are so many questions in mind mainly to God. Actually, there is more than just questions, I want to shout at the top of my voice “why me?!!”. “What did I do” to deserve this? But another part of me believes with conviction that God has taught me a lesson in life that was required. I have learned humility, passion and love.

I have learnt that I believe, therefore I am.

I have learnt that I see, therefore I desire.

I have learnt that I have experienced, there I can feel.

I have learnt that I love me, therefore I can do what I love.

The belief and self-worth an individual feels will change their world. Do you believe in the Higher Being and the possibilities of the infinite universe? Do you believe enough in yourself to want and desire to make a change? If not, what is stopping you? What can you do to change that?

I want to love.

I want to grow.

I want to experience.

I want to see, feel and touch.

What do you want to do?

What can you do?

There are a meridian of events going through our psyche. There are so many questions, doubts, limiting beliefs and the belief that there are too many blockages. However, did you remember to say a pray, or ask for the Almighty for some help in what you can achieve.

I believe, therefore I am.

I have given up my material possessions,

I am here bare to my soul,

For the love of my children,

For the love I feel for you,

And my desire to assist others in peril,

Therefore, I am,

What I need,

I am Me.


What are you?

Do you have enough resources to assist yourself move forward in the path you wish to embark upon? I can understand it is so hard to rip off the plaster because you do not want to feel the trauma, the anxiety the event again. Your unconscious mind is telling you whilst you are reading this, I want to delete the memories of the past that create trauma, pain, degradation. I want to move forward now. Help me, help yourself. We are one - mind, body and soul.

When you take the step to move yourself forward you will not want the journey to end. Finally, you will have the thirst to keep on going via training, developments, education and knowledge you will not want to take the step back. We are in constant fear of the unknown but what if tomorrow you could not do what you loved because today was your last day. This might be highly unlikely but do you want to wait that long that your body cannot take the stress anymore of the mental torture it is receiving on a daily occasion.

When are able to love yourself; the axis of the universe will change.

Our perception will change,

There will be thirst to learn and no one will be able to quench it,

Allow yourself to feel again,

I don’t want you to feel numb,

I have been numb long enough,

Let’s Colour Over The Lines,

Let’s colour a rainbow,

You and I,

My life has changed for the better. There are so many improvements in the New Mary that I do not know where to start. God facilitated this change and He was waiting in the background watching over me until the time was right for me. I am now able to open my heart and my soul to Him. I am able to pray freely to Him and pray and wish to become a better mother, a caring, loving person and sympathetic person who doesn’t judge. Who removes her ego and feels the universe; allows the infinite possibilities on offer available to her. By the knowledge that everything will only happen by the Grace of God; as he is the Almighty, the Kind, the Benevolent, the merciful and the All Knowing with him there is only infinite possibilities available.

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