When the Storm hits us Hard

When the storm hits us hard, we forgot of all the good deeds we have undertaken. We are lost in the moment and the howling winds are screaming in our ears. Our sight is hazy from the distorted vision from our surroundings. Then our heart is heavy as we have lost sight of what is in front of us.

The storm has taken heed as you are onto something big. The manifestations of emotions and the disruption will create havoc and disassociation. There will be pain and suffering but this will be greater if you push against it; as we are frightened and confused by the heightened noise.

The ravaging grey storm sounds loud in our ears, but it will not last forever. If we are to seek shelter then who will remind us of our dreams, aspirations and what our beliefs truly are. There will be such beautiful calm, a serenity that will fall around us; whilst the multi-coloured rainbow glistens across the sky. If we are to seek shelter but not ride out the storm then this battle may never end. There is great beauty in a clear path where all debris has been brushed away. There will be even greater clarity in what you wish to attain.

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