When to stop?

We live in a world of conformity; so we work in a continuous cycle to increase output to assimilate.  Young amateurs of life will push because they have more time and an abundance of energy.  However, what if it is really about your mental state?  What if the games they are playing are really about how to break you?  How to push you to the edge?  Furthermore, they have lost touch of humanity and they believe they have become God themselves.

Abuse is ongoing in all cities, countries of this world.  In this fast paced world, we are looking at ways to move forward that when someone speaks to us out of turn.  Or puts us down, or shows controlling behaviour we have learned by societies norms to accept it.  People are not weak from the attack of abuse, actually those individuals have broken down so much.  They are unsure what the reality of life actually really looks like.

I am here to offer support, build a network and create awareness about abuse people can suffer in and out of relationships.   The way you speak, or the way you dress shows you are comfortable with yourself and no other individual should tell you or mould you into believing otherwise.  This is where religion has been used in as a camouflage; as another form of dictatorship can be created with the guise of the use of religion.

Here in humid London hosts many accounts of abuse in all creeds and nationalities.  Abuse is not prejudice on who they pick or select.  It is the act of one or many people who have a low self esteem of themselves and they carry out insufferable action that they believe they have created their own justice system.  The very torment of an individual/s means they believe they are one step closer to their end game; which is in their mind physical or emotional demise of the other.

It is important to understand that when someone is experiencing abuse; they are not weak but strong because they tried to rise above it.  It is fact that when the person tries to rise above the abuse and stand up for themselves; further abuse is then received.  If you know you are being abused; it is better to play the ‘nice game’ and be careful on the actions you undertake.  You should seek a support group and there are various protocols you can put into place for your safeguarding.  It is recommended to keep a secret diary too.

We live in modern times; where there are even more tools in place to stop abuse.

The step you take towards your freedom will be your best step you have ever taken in your life.

Please reach out to me if you would like tips or join the what’s app group for the extra support you may require

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